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We work both internationally and domestically within the US.

  • Internationally, we work with Indigenous primarily in Latin America and subsaharan Africa on policy formation, and we help coordinate with projects on various governmental levels to establish holistic policy. 

  • Domestically, we seek to incorporate an integrative approach to policy analysis and design.

    • ​Assessing the efficacy of planning efforts and learning tools for simplification and implementation within municipalities.

    • Developing regional components for the long-term, including development of strategic plan, implementation, and policy applications for local and state government.


Approaches to land management and stewardship must be informed by Indigenous wisdom.


In some circumstances there are novel approaches that can inform Indigenous practices, as appropriate. 

We help:

  • Create a unified, comprehensive direction and understand how to implement desired outcomes.

  • Review and help implement sound policy design.

  • Incorporate management concepts into more detailed planning processes.

  • Interlace land planning into business needs and enterprise development creating a comprehensive land plan for agricultural production, water points, infrastructure, etc with associated financial plan to implement expenditures as appropriate to needs.

  • Overlay biological and financial monitoring for first signs of deviation of progress to planning efforts. Establish protocol for monitoring progress as a whole.


All communities must develop sound strategies for resiliency, no matter their economic system or their nuanced societal composition.

Key insights can be gleaned from Indigenous communities and reciprocated according to desires and needs. 

We help:

  • Offer training and enterprise development to Indigenous communities, as desired and appropriate.

  • Reciprocate learning from other cultures into enterprise development domestically. 

  • Learn and integrate wisdom from around the globe into our Western policies and practices.

  • Maximize enterprise development through holistic financial planning, weak link identification and prioritization for each enterprise, highlighting needs assessment, strategic development that matches unified, comprehensive direction of your organization.

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