Our Beliefs

We Believe…

  • Indigenous around the world have a spiritual perspective that is necessary both to combat the climate crisis and to overcome pressures associated with an increasing population.


  • Appropriate support of Indigenous communities is essential for desired adaptations to a changing climate and increasing political pressures.


  • Policies can only be effective if they include all peoples.


  • Governance that gives equal voice to the biosphere as a whole is obligatory for long term success of any government.


  • A holistic, contextual approach to policy formation and implementation is essential.


  • That as an organization we have a duty to reflect our speech within our actions.

Why It Matters

We are at a major crossroads with environmental, economic and social crisis. 


The world needs to shift how it views governance, policy and the soil beneath our feet. 


It is our relationships with all living things and the stewardship of all resources that unite us in a single critical effort to change our trajectory.


Páratu, "wind" in the Sápara language, is a living metaphor for this change, and people, plants, animals, and landscapes guide that change.

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